SEACSUB Unveils Revolutionary FRC Technology for Long Fins

SEACSUB Unveils Revolutionary FRC Technology for Long Fins


Are you tired of compromising performance for durability when it comes to your diving fins? Well, SEACSUB has a solution for you. SEACSUB is proud to unveil their new FRC™ - Fully Responsive Compound technology, featured in the blade of their top-of-the-range SEAC BM30 long fin. This technology is set to revolutionize the diving industry with its unprecedented mechanical properties and carbon fibre-like performance.

The Search for a Better Polymer Blend

SEACSUB started with the search for a polymer blend that could match the performance of carbon fibre and fibreglass fins, without their fragility. Through their research and development, they discovered a compound with remarkable mechanical properties that they transformed into the FRC™ technology.

Unmatched Mechanical Properties

SEACSUB's FRC™ technology boasts many advantages over traditional carbon fiber and fiberglass fins. Firstly, the negative fins and fin blades are thinner than their predecessors, thanks to the material's fluidity and specific weight. Additionally, the elastic response is similar to that of carbon fiber and fibreglass, and there is zero risk of cracking or permanent deformation due to the high resilience and high yield strength of the compound, even at low temperatures

Superior Design and Manufacturing

SEACSUB's design and manufacturing experience have been instrumental in the development of the FRC™ technology. The resistance and high elastic modulus of the compound allow for the typical geometry of carbon fibre and fibreglass blades without any reinforcing ribs or protection guards. This results in reduced weight and increased performance.

Environmental Benefits

Not only is FRC™ technology superior in performance, but it also has environmental benefits. The compound used has a reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional technopolymers used in the diving industry, and there are no toxic elements present.


SEACSUB's FRC™ technology is already an essential part of the success of their SEAC BM30 fins. This technology represents a new era in the diving industry, where performance and durability are no longer mutually exclusive. With FRC™ technology, divers can now enjoy the best of both worlds.

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