Full Face Snorkeling Mask Unica
Full Face Snorkeling Mask Unica
Full Face Snorkeling Mask Unica

Full Face Snorkeling Mask Unica

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The Wonders of the underwater world of today, are suitable for all kinds of thanks to mask the Seac Unica, which gives you underwater breathing through the nose and mouth.

The special system of channels separate for inspiration and perspiration considerably reduces the build-up of fog for clear vision 180 °, not a, and more natural respiration. With minimum effort and walking of noise, you relax and enjoy your time during a pleasant activity.

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Safety is another feature that makes Seac Unica "Get unique. and silicone hypoallergenic elastic bands secure the mask on the neck and face, impossible to move and store water. The Island Dry Snorkel is fitted with a seal that prevents water inlet in case of accidental immersion.

Three sizes within every version, especially bright colors so it is always clearly visible on the water. Go Pro Action located at the base of the holder allows you to capture and share videos of your out-of-snorkeling snorkel.

Seac Unica Adult is available in 4 colors and is designed for adults. For those with a smaller face or for children aged 10 years and over, the MD with a smaller face version is available. In this package, Seac Unica is sold together with a practical fabric bag with eyelets on the bottom for overflow of excess water.

Discover the world under the surface
The Seac Unica makes the wonders of the underwater world within everyone's reach: the Seac Unica allows comfort and natural breathing so that you can relax and enjoy your snorkeling experience

Perfect view
The Seac Unica full face mask has a wide frame made of polycarbonate that allows a 180° panoramic vision without fogging up, thanks to the separate inhalation and exhalation channeling system