OH Clearance Cell 3.5mm Kit
OH Clearance Cell 3.5mm Kit
Brand: OH

OH Clearance Cell 3.5mm Kit

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The Ocean Hunter 3.5mm Cell Wetsuit Features a striking yet functional camouflage pattern, combined with a high stretch open cell inner for increased warmth and comfort. The Ocean Hunter is of 2 piece construction featuring a hooded jacket with a thick loading pad on the chest and a long john making the suit easy to don and super comfortable.


  • Striking yet functional camouflage pattern helps to conceal the diver when spearfishing and looks great on!
  • High stretch 3.5mm open cell inner for increased warmth and comfort
  • Glued and stitched to minimise water ingress which keeps the diver warm and comfortable
  • 2 Piece construction with long john and separate hooded jacket for increased warmth and protection
  • Thick chest loading pad to give increased diver protection whilst loading your speargun
  • Effective for all diving activities including spearfishing, freediving, snorkelling and scuba
  • Requires lubrication of the open cell material when donning.