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Brand: Mares | SKU: 411487BKBLSA

Rebel Dry Snorkel

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Rebel Dry snorkel with dry top system, which keeps the top dry and prevents water from entering from above. Provides optimum comfort while breathing. Exhaust valve and sliding snorkel holder for maximum versatility

The Rebel Dry diving snorkel features a fully dry top that allows you to breathe without letting water in from above during the dive. The snorkel is large and allows you to breathe with some ease. Perfect for a very long diving or snorkelling session.
The discharge valve makes it easy to empty the snorkel.
The main features of the Rebel Dry snorkel are:
- 100% dry top
- Sliding snorkel holder
- Corrugated silicone tube and mouthpiece
- Drain valve
- Suitable for extended snorkelling sessions
- Unparalleled breathing comfort thanks to the increased internal volume of the lower part of the snorkel.