ULTRALITE 400 DUAL & Neptune S4 Silicone Blast Snorkel + Free Antifog Value $15.00

ULTRALITE 400 DUAL & Neptune S4 Silicone Blast Snorkel + Free Antifog Value $15.00

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ULTRALITE 400 DUAL & Neptune S4 Silicone Blast Snorkel

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The new Sharkskin Ultralite 400 Mask will make your diving experiences better.  

It’s different! When you see the new design Sharkskin Ultralite mask you will sense that it is very special. When you use this mask you will instantly notice how lightweight and streamlined it is, making it seem as if you are not wearing a mask at all.  

Unlike traditional masks, the high-tech Sharkskin Ultralite mask is made with a polycarbonate UV400 lens. This provides protection from harmful ultraviolet light rays, blocking wavelengths up to 400nm which includes UVA and UVB rays. 

The lens is a high impact material that is treated with both an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating and provides enhanced visibility with a bevel section that aids peripheral and downward vision.  

The extremely low volume design makes equalisation of the mask super easy and further enhances all-round visibility. The small size, and its ability to be further packed and compacted, along with its super low weight makes it the perfect mask for travel or even as a backup spare mask.  

The Sharkskin Ultralite mask is truly in a class of its own. Comes complete with an environmentally friendly fabric case that keeps your mask protected. 


🤿UV 400 lens provides protection from UVA & UVB Rays.

🤿Ready to use with our Anti-Fog pre treated coating giving endless hours of anti-fog snorkeling.

🤿Polycarbonate durable impact and scratch resistant lens

🤿Soft silicone skirt with second inner seal for maximum contact with your skin

🤿Easy adjustable mask clips and straps that allow adjustment even when wearing gloves and quick release swivel buckles.

🤿Ultra low volume to allow easy equalisation with a comfortable large nose pocket.


    Neptune S4 Spearo Snorkel

    Contoured snorkel for snorkelling, diving, freediving or spearfishing.


    • Contoured shape to ensure streamline positioning 

    • Streamlined contoured 'J' design

    • Soft silicone mouthpiece for your comfort

    • Mask retaining clip

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