Yellow Asso Up* Pneumatic Speargun
Yellow Asso Up* Pneumatic Speargun

Yellow Asso Up* Pneumatic Speargun

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After almost 40 years, the Seac Asso speargun has maintained the “Made in Italy” quality that distinguishes all spear guns manufactured by Seacsub S.p.A.; constantly adding new features to improve this model, version after version.

The Seac Asso S/R pneumatic speargun (without power regulator) is perfectly balanced and easily manipulated underwater. These are the main reasons why this gun is ideal for first-time novice spearfishermen as well as the more experienced.

The new rubber handle grip has been designed to offer a perfect ergonomic for a natural safe grip without nerve compressions, being suitable for everyone. The new handle also guarantees stability and maneuverability whether you are wearing gloves or spearfishing at with bare hands.

The cylinder is an anodized aluminum alloy with a diameter of 40 mm featuring new sports graphics representing the historic Seac trident logo engraved on the side.

The gun-head comes with 9 mm wide holes optimizing the water outlet.

The Seac Asso S/R speargun (without power regulator) is available in 5 lengths, from the Asso C/R 30, up to the Asso S/R 75. The shorter model, Asso S/R 30, has an optional dedicated leg holster (sold separately).

Seac Asso has been a successful product since 1984.

Rubber grip
Greater ergonomics for a natural, safe and nerve-free grip, suitable for everyone.

Stability and handling
The new handle guarantees stability and maneuverability with both gloves and bare hands.

Cylindrical tank
The tank of Seac Asso C / R is cylindrical made of anodized aluminum with a 40mm diameter.

Power regulation
If necessary, the regulator allows you to adjust the power of the speargun.