Portable Breathing Air Compressors

      Refill your cylinders with mini air compressors from the Portables line, even on board your yacht or vessel. Lightweight and practical, these compressors have written history in the Coltri world, boasting excellent portability to follow you anywhere.

      How much do breathing air compressors cost?

      When it comes to purchasing an air compressor in Australia, you will find that the cost is significantly different than regular compressors. Dive compressors are specialised pieces of equipment and offer unique features to support the independent and professional diver for underwater activities.

      The price range for this class of compressors can vary widely, generally falling between $5,500 to $40,000. Factors influencing the cost include the compressor's capacity, brand, and specific functionalities tailored for varying diving needs. Investing in a dive compressor is an investment best served by contacting a specialist salesperson at the Dive Newcastle shop.

      Discover our portable line of small compressors for divers: you only need one hour to refill up to 3 cylinders of high quality breathable air*

      The Portables line is the small air compressor line dedicated to professional divers. It allows you to easily and smoothly recharge cylinders on board, without taking up space. The compressor’s extreme maneuverability is demonstrated by its super lightweight frame that weighs only 38kg (Icon LSE).

      (*filling time of an empty 10-liter cylinder – 0/200 bar with ±5% tolerance)