Cressi Sub

Cressi Sub


      Cressi’s long history of product innovations comes from a drive to continually improve. As the sport has evolved, so has Cressi, often serving as the catalyst for change. The result has been some of the most enduring products in the diving world. The original, handcrafted Sirena mask debuted in 1943 and remained as a key offering for 30 years.

      Cressi’s Aro AR57b oxygen rebreather (1957), with its ease of use and amazing reliability was quickly adopted by the Italian armed forces and is still in service among some military forces today.

      The revolutionary blade material of the Rondine Gara (1988) fin was the beginning of a line of fins that remain a top choice for spearfishing. Each of these products is part of a continual progression, a step-by-step evolutionary process where innovations are built on what has come before.

      Cressi’s long history in the market, and its wide range of product developments keep it uniquely positioned at the cutting edge of water sports evolution. From designing new products to developing new manufacturing processes, Cressi draws on a wealth of technical expertise and creative knowledge from the past. At Cressi, every innovation is a step toward the future.