Dive Compasses


      Many scuba divers rely on more experienced divers to navigate the waters but just imagine how liberating it would be if you could be the one to lead the way. Not only would you feel safer and more confident on your dives, but you could, one day with more training and experience, become the dive guide you used to rely on.

      How much does a dive compass cost?

      The cost of a dive compass depends on factors like brand, quality, and additional features like a side window for navigational accuracy or a luminescent display. Typically, a wrist-mount dive compass may range from AUD $155 to $265, with premium models costing more. Choosing the right dive compass will also depend on personal preferences and the specific requirements of your underwater adventures.

      Dive Newcastle has a great range of wrist diving compasses, bungee diving compasses, retractor compasses, and console compasses that can be integrated with a gauge console or computer.