Dive Gauges

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      Scuba diving gauges are essential when diving to provide critical information such as air pressure and depth.  

      How much do dive gauges cost?

      Dive gauges, essential for measuring depth and air pressure in a dive tank, can vary widely in cost. Factors such as brand and functionality play a role in the price, ranging from an affordable $55 for basic models to an expensive $500 for advanced gauges.

      Dive gauges have been used in diving for many years and have significantly increased safety. Scuba diving gauges, whether analogue or metric, will help with navigation and keep you on track during your dive. Depth and pressure gauges measure the depth you are at throughout your dive along with the accurate tank pressure so you know how much air you have left to consume.

      Dive Newcastle offers a full range of scuba gauges for just about every application - Feel free to contact the team if you would like more info or to discuss selection.