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      How much does a dive regulator cost?

       Dive computers are very useful in that they track time and depth and monitor dive information to help ensure you don’t dive too long or dive deeper than will be safe based on your previous dives. Essential for the safety and enjoyment of your underwater diving adventures they range in price from affordable to high-end.

      Depending on the brand and functionality, features such as air integration and multiple gas capability, advanced sensors and innovative interfaces, they typically cost between AUD $300 to $1,600. With a variety of options available, the investment in a dive computer can be tailored to suit both novice and professional divers.

      More information about Scuba Regulators

      A scuba diving regulator is just about the most essential part of your scuba diving equipment. Your regulator is your life source when under water so you want to make sure that you purchase a reputable brand from an authorised dealer.

      Your scuba regulator takes high-pressure air from your scuba tank through a yoke valve or a din valve and adjusts it to the pressure you need for breathing.

      It supplies air only when you inhale (on demand), and directs your exhaled breath into the water and away from your line of vision. A regulator also supplies air to your BCD or drysuit for buoyancy and your instruments including a pressure gauge to see how much air you have left.

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      There are many regulators on the market with a huge range of features and budgets.  There is no best scuba regulator as everyone has different needs but generally, the more you pay, the better performance and serviceability you will receive. 

      Dive Newcastle offers a full range of scuba regulators for just about every application - Feel free to contact the team if you would like more info or to discuss the selection.