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      Dive into the world of scuba diving with Dive Newcastle's extensive selection of scuba tanks. From versatile sizes to specialised designs, find the perfect cylinder to suit your diving needs at unbeatable prices. Shop now and take advantage of our limited-time sale!

      Our tanks range in volume from 3 litres up to 15 litres with offerings at all standard interim volumes. 

      How much does a dive tank cost?

      The cost of a scuba tank can vary significantly depending on various factors such as brand, material, capacity, and additional features. On average, scuba tanks can range from $400 to $800. However, specialised systems like Twin tank sets with manifolds and tank bands can exceed $1800 a set.

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      In general, most experienced divers prefer the buoyancy characteristics of steel tanks to those of aluminium. Steel cylinders are lighter on land than the same capacity aluminium cylinder, but heavier (more negatively buoyant) in the water. This characteristic has many advantages. The greater negative buoyancy allows the diver to remove lead weight from their weight belt, or integrated weight system of the BCD, allowing the diver to better distribute weight by moving it to the rear of the BCD, a great advantage when wearing a back inflation style (Wing) BCD.

      Need a scuba tank for hire? We also provide dive equipment rental services if you are located in Newcastle.