Diving Bags

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      A gear bag not only helps transport your dive gear but most importantly, it protects your dive gear from the elements and a potentially careless airline luggage handler.

      How much do diving bags cost?

      Diving bags are essential for divers, and the cost can vary widely to suit all budgets and requirements. Depending on the range and factors such as size, quality, and brand, scuba diving bags typically cost between $10 to $300. Whether it's a simple bag for beginners or a specialised diving kit, there's an option available for every diver's needs.

      Information about dive bag sizes

      Gear bags come in a huge range of shapes and sizes from small waterproof satchels, dry bags, day bags and full dive gear luggage bags on wheels; choose a bag to suit your needs. 

      Dive Newcastle offers a full range of gear bags to suit just about every situation and purpose.