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      A DSMB (Delayed Surface Marker Buoy) is an essential piece of safety kit for any diver. used with a reel or finger spool, the DSMB alerts boats and surface personnel of your presence while ascending.

      Reels are a crucial safety item for any Scuba Diving kit. Reels are commonly used for your DSMB deployment for your safety stops when diving. A scuba diving reel will typically have both a winding mechanism and a grab handle. These elements make winding quick and easy and helps limit tangle when un-winding. 

      How much does a  diving reel cost?

      The cost of a diving reel can vary significantly depending on its features and brand, typically ranging from $30 to $200 AUD. Important factors affecting price include the type of winding mechanism, anti-jamming features, and whether it's designed for specific activities like cave diving. Often sold with accessories like a grab handle or clip, many reels also offer safety spools and can fit comfortably in a pocket.

      Dive Newcastle offers a range of Reels, Spools and DSMBs to suit any occasion.