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      Whilst diving it’s important to maintain and regulate your body heat as it can drop quicker in water than on land. If your temperature is not stabilised the body will use up its energy to bring your temperature back up - this is where the wetsuit comes in.

      How much does a diving wetsuit cost?

      The cost of diving wetsuits can vary significantly depending on the brand, material, and features. Decent full suits typically range from AUD $55 (eg. Shorty JNR) to $800. While basic wetsuits are lighter and more affordable, high-end versions offer better insulation and durability, thus coming at a higher price point. Keep in mind, that specialist suits for technical diving can cost upwards of AUD $1,000.

      What are wetsuits made of?

      Wetsuits are typically made from Neoprene which is essentially rubbers impregnated with tiny air bubbles that provide flexibility to the material. These air bubbles help trap the divers body heat offering insulation around the body while the surrounding water temperature is quite considerably lower. Wetsuits come in different Neoprene thicknesses dependent on the divers’ susceptibility to the cold and the actual surrounding water temperatures.

      Whilst traditional wetsuits as stated above are made from neoprene. Since Sharkskin revolutionised the thermal protection category it is now possible to either replace a traditional 3mm wetsuit with Sharkskin Chillproof and more recently Sharkskin Titanium can replace a 5mm wetsuit.

      Divers also add a Sharkskin garment under a wetsuit for increased warmth and wind protection. For more information on the difference between Sharkskin and a traditional wetsuit click here.

      Top 3 Diving Wetsuits to Buy

      1. Ocean Pro Orbit Shortie
      2. Ocean Pro Grommet Steamer
      3. Iluka Steamer

      There are different styles and lengths of wetsuits depending on your preference...

      Steamers/ Full Suits - are on-piece, full-length garments covering all the way to your neck, wrists and ankles.

      Shorties - are also one-piece wetsuits but feature short arms and legs. They tend to be popular in warmer waters or among surfers as they allow maximum mobility around key joint areas.

      Semi-Dry Suits - are thicker wetsuits generally from 7mm Neoprene and up. They are not completely dry such as a dry suit however, they have reinforced seals at the wrist, neck and ankles to prevent water from escaping therefore insulating the body for longer.

      Dive Newcastle offers a full range of wetsuits or drysuits for just about every environment and for every level of diver - feel free to contact the team if you would like more info or to discuss the selection.