Gear Aid

Gear Aid


      Just when you think your outdoor gear has failed and is on its last leg—a wetsuit ripped after miles of underwater exploration, a jacket snagged while climbing up a mountain, or a pair of fins exhausted from heavy use in the punishing salt water—we’re here to help you get it back in fighting shape for your next round of adventures.

      We like to think of failure as growth and as an opportunity to tell a story of where you’ve been and what you’ve experienced. The patched-up hole in your waders is when you were fishing in Bighorn River and slipped on a rock when you were after that elusive catch. The stitching on the top of your tent isn’t an imperfection, it’s a memory of the time it hailed on your trip to Zion and you had to cover the giant hole up with jackets just to keep dry until morning.

      We aim to empower all outdoor lovers to commit to your gear long-term—not only for the stories, but for the benefit of the earth itself. That’s why we teach you how to seal, clean, and patch every last bit of outdoor gear that you own, keeping it in your pack and out of the landfill.

      So, here’s to your journey in the great outdoors—may it be restorative, long-lasting, and may we come along with you to make it easier.