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      At Hollis, we know that the needs of each diver are a little different. So, when it came time to design our new buoyancy systems, we sought to create gear that would meet you where you’re at as a diver.

       Whether you’re a single-tank diver, a twin-cylinder diver—diving in the Caribbean or locally in cold water—we’ve tailored our systems to the type of diving you’ll be doing.

      Hollis engineers superior technical diving equipment. We are intensely focused on providing diving solutions to fulfill our customer’s needs: owning the best technical diving products for their complex diving experiences. This philosophy comes from our founder and industry pioneer Bob Hollis—a man with no limits when it comes to technical diving. In the 1950s with diving still in its infancy, twenty-something-year-old Hollis pushed boundaries by building his own equipment to fuel his passion for the underwater.

      The ensuing decades saw Hollis innovate and disrupt—pioneering dives to the Andrea Doria—and develop reliable and dependable products that not only launched the technical diving industry but pushed the limits of tech diving into the adventure-seeking, curiosity-driven passion it’s revered as today.