Snorkelling Masks

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      One of the most fundamental items used when snorkelling is the snorkelling mask, which helps keep water out of your nose and allows your eyes to focus better underwater. Wearing the right mask can make all the difference between a frustrating dive and an enjoyable (and comfortable) underwater excursion, so it is without a doubt an essential component of your gear.

      Things To Consider When Buying Snorkel Mask

      It’s important to consider two things when purchasing a snorkelling mask: comfort and fit. You’ll want to make sure that it fits you perfectly because ill-fitting masks aren’t just uncomfortable—they’re also more prone to leakage.

      Good-quality Snorkelling masks are usually made of high-quality materials like tempered glass and soft silicone for maximum leak prevention and durability.

      Dive Newcastle offers a full range of masks ideal for snorkelling, scuba or spearfishing - feel free to contact the team if you would like more info or to discuss the selection.