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      Things to consider before buying spearfishing fins

      First, consider the blade's length. Typically the longer the blade the more power can be generated. Smaller blades will be easier to use when starting out and more maneuverable. Long bladed fins are most popular with experienced free divers and Spearfishing.

      The entry point long blades fins will use a fixed blade. As you move up the range interchangeable blades become standard. This allows for different types of blades for different conditions and replacement of blades if they break. Carbon fibre blades are expensive and more fragile but are very light and responsive.

      Some important considerations. Quality fins will have a comfortable foot pocket. As you move up the range the blades will typically be made from better, more responsive materials for stronger propulsion.

      As technology is constantly evolving often the latest product will be better but cost more because development and new moulds are expensive.  One important innovation is an angled blade, this is designed to take load off the ankle and improve efficiency considerably.

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