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      Choosing the right spearfishing mask is crucial for an optimal underwater experience. Dive Newcastle offers a wide range of spearfishing and freediving masks designed specifically for recreational spearfishing. Discover the benefits and features of our high-quality masks below.

      Importance of Low-Volume Masks for Spearfishing

      • Low-volume masks reduce the air volume needed to equalize pressure.
      • As you descend, the compressed air inside the mask can cause discomfort or a "squeezing" sensation on your face.
      • Using a low-volume mask makes equalizing easier and more efficient at greater depths.
      • Less air used for equalization means more available oxygen, resulting in extended bottom time.

      Mask Design Options

      1. Dual Lens Masks: Dual lens masks are equipped with two lenses, separated by a nose pocket. Certain designs can even accommodate prescription lenses. The lower volume of dual lens masks facilitates mask clearing and offers a wider field of vision, making them an excellent choice for divers seeking enhanced visibility.

      2. Single Lens Masks: Single lens masks provide a broader field of vision for many divers. By eliminating the nose pocket, these masks may improve visibility, depending on individual facial structure. The decision between dual and single lens masks ultimately boils down to personal preference and the right fit for you.

      Full Face Masks

      While full face masks cover the entire face and provide advantages for surface activities and snorkeling, they are not recommended for spearfishing. This is because they restrict the ability to touch the nose for equalization. However, for surface snorkeling, these masks offer unrestricted vision and eliminate the need to bite down on a snorkel mouthpiece, minimizing jaw fatigue.

      Preparing Your Spearfishing Mask

      Before using a new dive/ spearfishing mask, it is crucial to remove the factory seal to ensure clear vision underwater. For effective defogging, we recommend using a specialized product like Sea Buff, which outperforms traditional toothpaste. Eliminating fogging enables optimal visibility, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your diving experience.

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      Dive Newcastle provides an extensive range of spearfishing and freediving masks to suit your needs. Our knowledgeable team is available to provide additional information and assist you in choosing the ideal mask for your spearfishing adventures. Shop with us today to elevate your underwater vision and enhance your spearfishing pursuits.