Swansea Bridge

Swansea Bridge


DIVE TYPE: Shore Dive, Drift Diving, Night Dive, Macro Spot, 

LEVEL: Beginner, Advanced
BODY OF WATER: Salt ENTRY: Shore/Beach


Swansea Bridge

Dive Newcastle at Swansea is located just 20 meters from the dive site entrance at Swansea bridge perfectly located to go shore diving. Swansea is the place where people in Newcastle come to dive and is only 15 minutes from the Central Coast and 2 hours from Sydney.

The world- famous Swansea bridge dive site lies below the Swansea Bridge close to the mouth of Lake Macquarie, Australia’s largest salt water lake. The incoming and outgoing tide “feed” a diverse wildlife in the massive ecosystem under the bridge.

The current bridge pilons and remaining structures of the “old” bridge create an amazing artificial reef that looks and acts much like a ship wreck. The entire area is covered in a diverse marine vegetation growth which supports an abundance of marine life from leather -jackets, sea horses, octopus, cuttlefish and teaming schools of luderick or bream are seen on every dive. With such a hive of activity you can see almost anything cruising in and out of the Lake including rays, kingfish or salmon.

You can only dive “comfortably” under the bridge on still water at high or low tide. High tide is generally the best visibility. We post tide times every week on our website and or facebook. Also, very exciting is a drift dive. You can saw like an eagle down the channel. Good dive skills are required for this dive. Some adventurous people venture into high speed drifts. Only for every experience divers. There are many interesting dives on both sides of the channel and you can literally perform hundreds of dives and see something knew on every dive.

While diving Swansea Bridge can be a very easy dive there are some very important aspects of the site you should be briefed on before the dive. We strongly recommend you join one of our guided dives – ask the store for details. With so much amazing diving close by why not stay the weekend, Swansea has accommodation to suit any budget, and if you have a non-diving partner, there is so much to keep them occupied.


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