Neptune F1 Power Fins
Neptune F1 Power Fins
Neptune F1 Power Fins

Neptune F1 Power Fins

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F1 Power Fin

The Neptune F1 Power Fin is a very powerful full foot fin that gives great propulsion with less effort. It is suitable for snorkelling, spearfishing, free- diving and scuba diving.  

The blade is significantly longer than traditional snorkelling fins for additional power but is still small enough for the traveller and for ease of manoeuvrability in water.    

The full foot design shrouds the entire foot very comfortably in a supportive yet flexible pocket that helps drive the diver forward. The rigid base extends under the foot heel to drive energy forward and prevent foot fatigue.  

The blade uses flexible but strong side rails for maximum recoil. The three channel blade scoops water and directs the water directly behind the diver for great propulsion.  

The Neptune F1 Power Fin is a great all-round choice for snorkellers, free- divers, spear-fisherman  and scuba divers at a great price. 


• Soft flexible foot pocket with rigid sole enables maximum thrust and comfort

• Great fit designed to be worn with bare foot or neoprene sock

• Flex blade features rigid rails and soft centre panel to scoop water and create for thrust for less effort

• Available in Black Sizes: XS 36-37 | S 38-39 | M 40-41 | M/L 42-43 | L 44-45 | XL 46-47