Rapid Dry Swim Jammer Jnr
Rapid Dry Swim Jammer Jnr
Rapid Dry Swim Jammer Jnr
Rapid Dry Swim Jammer Jnr
Rapid Dry Swim Jammer Jnr
Rapid Dry Swim Jammer Jnr
Rapid Dry Swim Jammer Jnr
Rapid Dry Swim Jammer Jnr

Rapid Dry Swim Jammer Jnr

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Introducing the coolest and safest way to enjoy the sun - our Australian Made Kids Rapid Dry Jammers Sun Protective Swimwear That Matches With Your Rapid Dry Rashie🌞 

The Sharkskin Swimwear for Kids range is designed to protect kids more sensitive skin while out enjoying the sun and the water and includes longsleeve tops and jammer bottoms for the best UPF50+ neck to knee sun protection while still looking super stylish. 

The world famous Rapid Dry material helped Sharkskin to re-invent the Rashie and now we want your kids to benefit with matching Rapid Dry Swim Jammers. Sharkskin UPF50+ sun protective swimwear lasts 5 times longer than traditional rash tops and swim bottoms and is here to make your kids sunny adventures not only exciting and fun but also super safe. 

Are your kids ready for endless fun under the sun without worrying about harmful UV rays? Here's why they will love Sharkskin Rapid Dry swimwear -

👉 Sun-Smart Fashion: Sharkskin swimwear comes in a range of vibrant colours to make keeping track of your kids easier at the beach or pool while looking good. The Jammer bottoms are all designed to colour match your kids Rapid Dry Rashie colours – or mix the colours up for fun in the sun!

👉 Built-In Sun Shield: Our Jammers are made from specially designed UPF50+ Rapid Dry fabric that  uses "Sun Shield Technology" against the sun's harmful rays. Say goodbye to sunburns and potentiallly more serious skin damage and hello to carefree play for your kids.

👉 Long-Lasting: Our high-quality swimwear is chlorine resistant and does not include lycra or spandex in the fabric which deteriorates quickly in sun and salt. Whether your kids are building sandcastles, splashing in the waves, or playing by the pool, our swimwear is up for the challenge, lasting 5 times longer than traditional Lycra based swimwear. 

👉 Warmer and Rapid Drying; The innovative Rapid Dry material dries super-fast and is warmer than traditional lycra swimwear. Kids dry much faster out of the water, no more shivering in cold, wet swimwear.

👉 Comfort First: We know comfort is key, so we've designed our Sharkskin swimwear to feel soft and comfy against your skin. No more chafing or scratchy and uncomfortable swimsuits!

👉 Easy to Put On and Take Off: Our swimwear is not clingy and is designed with kids in mind. Putting it on and taking it off is a breeze so they can get to the fun stuff faster.

👉 Parent-Approved: You will love our sun protective swimwear because it allows for peace of mind knowing your kids are protected from the sun's harmful UV rays. Mums and Dads can relax and enjoy the day knowing their kids are safe. We have literally thousands of testimonials for our Sharkskin Rapid Dry Range. 

👉 Sizes for All Ages: Whether you have little kids or big kids or lots of kids, we have sizes that will fit your kids perfectly. With sizes 2 through to 12 (size equates to age) our swimwear grows with you! It lasts so long it will stay in the family for years to come.

👉 Affordable Sun Safety: You don't have to break the bank to stay sun-safe. Our long-lasting Sharkskin swimwear offers great value so that everyone can enjoy a sun-safe day without worry. 

So, are you ready to get your kids outside in the sun and the water without a care in the world? Help them put on their Sharkskin Sun Protective Swimwear, grab their bucket and shovel, and let the sunshine adventures begin! 🌞🏖️🌊 

Rapid Dry Jammers and Rapid Dry Rashguards are sold separately or together in Bundles. Order yours today and have the coolest, safest kids under the sun!