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      Scuba diving enthusiasts often incorporate a scuba dive computer early in their diving adventures. Understanding and calculating nitrogen levels and dive restrictions are essential skills that divers need to acquire.

      Why do you need a dive computer?

      • Comprehensive underwater guide
      • Provides accurate data on depth, dive time, temperature
      • Calculates maximum duration for submersion
      • Refines diving experience
      • Calculates surface intervals
      • Adjusts for restrictions on repeated dives

      The variety of dive watches on the market is vast, with their prices and functionalities mirroring this diversity. The cost rises with additional features, such as Nitrox compatibility, multiple gas mix capabilities, a digital compass, a wireless transmitter (air integration), and many others.

      How much do the best dive computers cost?

      Dive computers are very useful in that they track time and depth and monitor dive information to help ensure you don’t dive too long or dive deeper than will be safe based on your previous dives. Essential for the safety and enjoyment of your underwater diving adventures they range in price from affordable to high-end.

      Depending on the brand and functionality, features such as air integration and multiple gas capability, advanced sensors and innovative interfaces, typically cost between AUD $300 to $1,600. With a variety of options available, the investment in a dive computer can be tailored to suit both novice and professional divers.

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