Air Fills Or Nitrox Fills Card 12 Fills + 1 Free

Air Fills Or Nitrox Fills Card 12 Fills + 1 Free

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Great value! pay for 12 Air or Nitrox Fills and receive 1 free + when you purchase a Dive newcastle Air Nitrox Air fill card you can choose to have your tank filled with Air or 32% Nitrox EAN. 

Dive Newcastle Beresfield has a state-of-the-art Nauvair membrane compressor. This means we can supply both Air and Nitrox via our high and low-pressure sides of our compressor. We store up to 310 bar in 12 air banks and we can also fill directly from the compressor to your cylinder. We keep our nitrox banks at an average of 32 percent. The compressor has multiple filtration systems and an inbuilt air monitor system. We also do quarterly air quality checks by an authorised third party so we can ensure we are filling your cylinders with clean, dry compressed air or nitrox every time. Your cylinder must be in date for us to fill it for you which means you need to have a hydrostatic test done yearly; our service technician is able to do this for you if your cylinder needs testing.

Prices for Filling Standard Cylinders

Air fill - $12 each

Nitrox fill - $15 each

Twin cylinder and other fills – Check with the shop