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Would you like to assist instructors with open water diver courses and collect valuable teaching experience to become a diving instructor?

Then qualifying as an SSI Assistant Instructor is the right program for you! 


The Assistant Instructor rating is the next step after becoming a Divemaster along the scuba instructor pathway. It allows you to collect valuable teaching experience, practice briefings, teach academics, and conduct in-water training.

If you want to further your career as a dive professional, you can finish the Instructor Training Course, pass the Instructor Evaluation, and become an Open Water Diving Instructor.


  1. Instructor Trainer to complete your course
  2. SSI online training
  3. Pool fees
  4. Internationally recognised Assistant Instructor certification


  • SSI Professional Registration Fee ($110)
  • Dive medical exam for a diving professional AS2299.1 not older than 1 year and signed by a licensed medical practitioner


This course structure will be organised when you have your personal orientation with a staff member.

DURATION: Approx 5 days + home study (45 hours contact time – theory and pool)


  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Logged a total of at least 60 open water dives totaling 40 hours or more
  • Have the following SSI certifications or equivalent from a recognized training agency: Dive Master
  • Full set of personal professional diving equipment and safety accessories. (Hire equipment is available at an extra cost for the full course)
    • BCD, Regulator 1st & 2nd Stage and Alternate Air-source, Dive Computer & Compass, SPG or Air Integration
    • Safety signaling system surface (Whistle) SMB & Finger Reel
    • Knife, Pocket Mask, Slate, Optional: Signal Mirror, Gloves, Rattle & Line Cutter
  • Have current CPR & O2 Provider within 12 months and First Aid within 2 Years.
  • Have a current medical exam for a diving professional AS2299.1 not older than 1 year and signed by a licensed medical practitioner


  • Log at least 75 open water dives totaling 50 hours or more.
  • Read and complete Sections 1-6, including reviews and assessments, of the Instructor Training Course digital
  • Complete Academic Sessions 1-6 as outlined in the instructor manual for the Instructor Training Course.
  • Complete the program’s final exam.
  • Pass all requirements and evaluations for Practical Application Sessions 1-7 as outlined in the instructor manual for the Instructor Training Course.
    • Practical Application 1: Candidate Water Fitness Evaluation
    • Practical Application 2: Academic Presentation – Open Water Diver
    • Practical Application 3: Academic Presentation – Perfect Buoyancy/Specialty Programs
    • Practical Application 4: Workshop – Try Scuba and Scuba Rangers
    • Practical Application 5: Workshop – Open Water Diver and Scuba Skills Update
    • Practical Application 6: Pool/Confined Water Presentation – Open Water Diver Skill
    • Practical Application 7: Pool/Confined Water Presentation – Perfect Buoyancy


Becoming an Assistant Instructor gives you the basis and necessary experience to become an Open Water Instructor. After passing the Assistant Instructor Course you may teach in both the classroom and pool under indirect supervision of an Open Water Instructor.


  • Swim 700 meters without stopping within 20 minutes using a mask, fins and a snorkel. If a wetsuit is used, weights must be added to ensure the candidate is neutrally buoyant OR swim 375 meters without stopping, and without the use of mask, fins, snorkel or other swim aids
  • 100m tow (both divers full set gear) in less than 8 minutes
  • 15 minute survival float in only swim wear
  • 25m underwater swim with fins and mask