Blitz Mask + Free Antifog
Blitz Mask + Free Antifog
Blitz Mask + Free Antifog
Blitz Mask + Free Antifog
Brand: NEPTUNE | SKU: NEME440022

Blitz Mask + Free Antifog

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Neptunes Blitz mask is a Low volume mask with phenomenal field of view in all directions. Made with soft and comfortable hypoallergenic black silicone skirt and clear tempered glass lenses. 

The ultra low volume Blitz mask has a large silicone nose pocket making it easy to equalise and it's frameless design allows it to fold flat and compact, making it a perfect back up mask.

Neptunes Blitz mask has a soft silicone strap and polycarbonate buckles with quick press adjustment, for ease of use with gloves


🤿Ultra low volume design with large nose pocket

🤿Soft silicone skirt and strap with quick squeeze adjustment buckles.

🤿Frameless design allow the mask to be folded making it compact and great for fitting in to a BCD pocket.

🤿Great field of vision with the drop design and clear tempered glass lenses.