Delta 5 EDX
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Delta 5 EDX Black

Delta 5 EDX

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The new Delta 5 EDX is the latest evolution in a long line of remarkably reliable, durable and smoothly breathing regulators to carry that name. It not only looks great, but like the models before it, the Delta 5 comes standard with our patented Dynamic Adjustment Technology, dive/pre-dive controls and a super comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece.


  • Pneumatically balanced all-metal valve.

  • Dive/pre-dive switch & patented dynamic airflow adjustment control.

  • Mechanical Purge button for consistent air-flow pressure on during purge.

  • Nitrox Compatibility – Standard to 40%.

  • Balanced diaphragm first stage eDX is environmentally sealed and cold-water ready.

  • Heat Exchanger for Improved cold-water performance.

  • Ergonomic exhalation venting.

  • Dimensions (Front Profile) – 2.5 inch diameter (circular).

  • Dual-material orthodontic mouthpiece with bite tabs.

  • Optional Universal Swivel Adapter – the optional Universal Swivel comes separate but can be easily installed with an adjustable torque wrench and 5 min of free time. Instructions are provided.