F-100 Pro Fins Seac
F-100 Pro Fins Seac
F-100 Pro Fins Seac

F-100 Pro Fins Seac

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F-100 Pro Fins Seac

The F-100 Pro Fin is an anatomical shoe in thermoplastic rubber that holds the fin firmly in place taking advantage of every movement, and the sole of the shoe has non-slip rubber inserts, the benefits from the characteristic curving of 25 ° which increases performance with minimum effort and the fins are exceptionally resistanant thanks to the abrasion rubber inserts.

Perfect for scuba diving in warmer waters, the Seac F 100 PRO fins can also be safely used for snorkelling and spearfishing.

Lightness, strength and comfort make them the ideal accessory for any water activity.

Weighing only 748 grams the Seac F 100 PRO fin offer exceptional power to weight ratio helping newer divers and those experiencing their first adventures in diving, with a thrust release superior to the force used in kicking.

The Seac F 100 PRO fin is designed for recreational use but incorporates many features of professional fins:

The Seac F 100 PRO scuba diving fins are guaranteed by Seacsub SpA, a bench mark in the diving industry since 1971.