First And Second Stage Regulator Combo
First And Second Stage Regulator Combo
First And Second Stage Regulator Combo

MK17 Evo/G260 Regulator

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If you dive deep, dive cold, or often find yourself on silty bottoms, the MK17 EVO/G260 is the regulator for you. While you don’t need to dive less-than-pristine waters to appreciate this system, it’s a great choice for cold water or harsh conditions, which is why tech divers and cave explorers just love this reg. The compact MK17 EVO is completely sealed off from the elements, ensuring trouble-free operation no matter how cold or murky the water gets. The G260 is the most imitated air balanced second stage of all time. It features metal internal components and a left-right hose attachment option, making it a great choice for tech diving configurations and a consistent top-of-the-line performer. Put them together and you’ve got a winner.


  • Patented Dry ambient pressure chamber, providing better performance in cold water than any other diaphragm regulator. The diaphragm design prevents the entry of water into the first stage mechanism and enhances a trouble-free operation, even in the coldest conditions.

  • Patented finned cap with ribs increase surface area to maximise heat transfer from the water to warm the cold internal components.

  • The balanced technology provides consistent performance at all cylinder pressures, at any depth and optimises the second stage performance, thus allowing for effortless breathingTwo opposite high pressure ports for arrangement of high and low pressure hoses which is crucial to diving comfort. Two opposite high pressure ports allow for an individual positioning of the first stage (pointing up or down). This allows the diver to position the gauges either on the right or left side and increases the freedom of movement for head and neck.