Neptune Alpheus Mask and Aruna EasyClear Splash Guard Snorkel
Neptune Alpheus Mask
Aruna EasyClear Splash Guard

Neptune Alpheus Mask and Aruna EasyClear Splash Guard Snorkel

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Neptune Alpheus Mask and Aruna EasyClear Splash Guard Snorkel

Set Includes:

Neptune's Alpheus mask

Neptune's Alpheus mask was designed to provide both divers and snorkellers with a superior fitting, comfortable, low volume mask with excellent downward vision. 

The large tear drop lens provides you with a larger field of vision, especially when looking down over the length of your body, making it easy to adjust and locate your equipment when diving. 

The Alpheus soft silicone skirt was designed with an inner and outer seal technology, providing maximum comfort and sealing whilst softly contouring to your face. The comfortable soft silicone nose pocket will fit a great range of both wide and longer nose types making easier to equalise.

The low volume design of the mask allows easy equalisation and clearing, making it also a great option for Scuba diving, freediving, spearfishing and snorkelling.

Easy squeeze adjustable mask strap buckles provide you with piece of mind underwater, knowing you can adjust your mask at anytime with ease. 


  • Soft silicone skirt with inner and outer seals
  • 2 window tear drop tempered glass providing maximum vision and safety
  • Easy squeeze adjustable buckles
  • Comfortable moulded mask strap
  • Collapsible mask skirt and strap buckles allowing the mask to better store in a BCD pocket if required for Technical or Solo diving. 
  • Soft comfortable nose pocket 


The Neptune Alpheus diving mask comes in a great selection of colours.

Black/Black, Black/Metallic Blue, Black/Red, Black/Silver, Black/Yellow, Clear/Aqua, Clear/Black, Clear/Blue, Clear/Purple, Clear/Yellow.

Aruna EasyClear Snorkel 

Neptune's Aruna EasyClear splash guard snorkel is packed full of features, making it the ideal snorkel for both Scuba divers and snorkellers regardless of your level experience. Boasting a streamlined elliptical pipe, lower drop-away flexible tube section, low profile splash guard, soft silicone mouthpiece, quick release keeper and an ergonomically designed purge chamber, clearing your snorkel has never been easier.

The Aruna snorkels’ splash guard top ejects water out of the lower side of the snorkel top using gravity and friction technology.  Air, being lighter than water, is drawn up and over the ejection plate before making its way down the streamlined elliptical tube.   

Fitted with a drop-away flexible designed tube it reduces pressure on the mask strap and snorkel keeper by bending to the perfect angle when snorkelling and allowing easy snorkel to regulator exchange by simply dropping out of the way of your mouth when required.

Aruna's quick release snorkel keeper allows you to separate your snorkel from your mask when required and keeps its securely fastened onto your mask strap whilst snorkelling.

The ergonomically designed purge chamber captures any water that may have entered the snorkel and has been fitted with a large purge valve positioned at the lowest point of the chamber. This makes the Neptune Aruna snorkel the easiest to clear – simply exhale to flush out any residue water.

The soft comfortable mouthpiece allows you to explore the underwater world for longer and avoid jaw fatigue and discomfort.  



  • Splash Guard top is low profile design, reduces water splashes entering
  • Elliptical pipe making it strong and streamlined in the water
  • Quick release snorkel keeper to secure your snorkel to your mask strap
  • Drop-away flexible tube allows easy bending and contouring to the required angle when placed into your mouth while snorkelling. Drops out of the way quickly to allow easy regulator to snorkel exchange.
  •  Ergonomically designed purge chamber for easy clearing and staying dry.
  • Soft silicone mouthpiece to reduce jaw fatigue 

Neptune's Aruna snorkel is the perfect snorkel for all diving and snorkeling applications and will impress the most experienced diver. 

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