Neptune Spearfishing Startup Package - Men&

Neptune Spearfishing Startup Package - Men's

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This Package Contains:

Top Gun Open Cell Full Suit
When it comes to Spearfishing wetsuits this truly is the “Top Gun”

The worlds best Spearfishing wetsuit is made right here in Australia. We start with the finest Japanese engineered neoprene, softer and stretchier than any suit you have worn before.    

Warrior Speargun
The Neptune Warrior Spear Gun is a great all-round gun for large species and open water hunting. The Warrior features an aerospace-grade (6082T6) aluminium barrel making it quick and quiet every time. It comes in classic Black for a stealthy look underwater. This Railgun displays great accuracy and performs flawlessly, no need to worry about compensating for high or low shots, it simply shoots where you aim it.

Neptune Covert Camo Mask + FREE ANTIFOG

Neptune's Covert mask was designed to provide both, spearfishers, Freedivers and snorkeller's with a superior fitting, comfortable low volume mask. 

The dual lens mask provides you with a good field of vision having a nose bridge frame sitting above the soft comfortable nose pocket, making this a very low profile, comfortable fitting mask.

The Coverts soft silicone skirt was designed with an inner and outer seal technology, providing maximum comfort and sealing whilst softly contouring to your face. The comfortable soft silicone nose pocket will fit a great range of both wide and longer nose types making it easier to equalise.

S3 Soft Snorkel
Contoured snorkel for snorkelling, diving, freediving or spearfishing

Seac Torpedo Buoy with Flag

Seac Torpedo Buoy, Scuba diving High Visibility Safety Signal with removable marker flag, line and 2 carabiners included


  • Seac Torpedo Buoy, Scuba diving High Visibility Safety Signal with removable marker flag, line and 2 carabiners included


The all-new Catapult Freediving Fin has all the best features typically found in fins costing twice the price.  

The Neptune Catapult responsive fin reacts to the slightest movement by the user storing energy and recoiling to provide rapid acceleration with minimum effort.  

Less advanced designs use relatively straight plastic blade designs. More modern Advanced designs like the Neptune Catapult use a pre curved blade, so the initial effort to get moving is less until your muscles are properly engaged. This shape drives water behind the user rather than down to direct propulsion energy forward,  

Allowing you to increase muscle force whilst finning, generating greater recoil and reaction, making the blade catapult you through the water.  

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