Neptune Kai SeaClear Mask with UV Antifog Lens
Neptune Kai SeaClear Mask with UV Antifog Lens
Neptune Kai SeaClear Mask with UV Antifog Lens
Neptune Kai SeaClear Mask with UV Antifog Lens
Neptune Kai SeaClear Mask with UV Antifog Lens

Neptune Kai SeaClear Mask with UV Antifog Lens

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Neptune's Kai SeaClear mask

Neptune's Kai SeaClear mask with UV Antifog Lenses was designed to provide all divers and snorkellers with the best possible visual experience, superior fitting mask and comfortable, low volume soft silicone mask skirt, allowing divers and snorkellers to comfortably explore the wonders of our oceans for long extended periods.

With the new Antifog UV lens, the Kai SeaClear mask is ready for your next adventure without all the premask treatments of the past. The glass lenses have already been precleaned and coated with a long lasting, durable Antifog coating. No more scrubbing – just wash clean the lens with our recommended gear wash after your dive and you’re ready for your next trip.

The dual lens mask provides you with a good field of vision having a nose bridge frame sitting above the soft nose pocket making this a very low profile comfortable fitting mask. 

The Kai soft silicone skirt was designed with an inner and outer seal technology, providing maximum comfort and sealing whilst softly contouring to your face. The comfortable soft silicone nose pocket will fit a great range of both wide and longer nose types making easier to equalise.

The low volume design of the mask allows easy equalisation and clearing, making it a great option for Scuba diving, freediving, spearfishing and snorkelling.

Easy squeeze adjustable mask strap buckles provide you with piece of mind underwater, knowing you can adjust your mask at anytime with ease. 


  • SeaClear UV Antifog Lens, prevents mask fogging and is ready to use.
  • Soft silicone skirt with inner and outer seals
  • 2 window tempered glass providing clear vision and safety
  • Easy squeeze adjustable buckles
  • Comfortable moulded mask strap
  • Collapsible mask skirt and strap buckles allowing the mask to better store in a BCD pocket if required for Technical or Solo diving. 
  • Soft comfortable nose pocket 


The Neptune Kai SeaClear diving mask comes in a great selection of colours.