Ocean Hunter Redback Railgun Bargain Hunter Set.
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Ocean Hunter Redback Railgun Bargain Hunter Set.

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Package Includes: 

Ocean Hunter Phantom Spearfishing mask 

Pairing our ever-popular Ocean Hunter Phantom Spearfishing mask with the Phantom Freediving snorkel. This is a perfect set for both recreational freediving and spearfishing at any depth.

The satin camouflage finish eliminates reflection on the skirt and snorkel which reduces the chances of fish noticing you when you’re hiding on the bottom.

The mask features a large tempered glass lens and a low volume soft silicone skirt. The snorkel has an ergonomic shape and comfortable mouthpiece. The snorkel contours to you face and head reducing vibration and drag during the dive.

Important note for all Spearfisherman and Freedivers.

  • Matte black liquid silicone construction
  • Low volume high visibility mask design
  • Quick adjust streamlined buckle system
  • Wide bore J snorkel with optimal mouthpiece angle

 Ocean Hunter Spirit Freediving Fins

The Ocean Hunter Spirit Freediving Fins are European designed long bladed fins, made specifically for spearfishing and freediving and have the broadest size range available in the market. They incorporate comfortable thermo synthetic rubber foot pockets for ease of use and an angled Tri material blade for maximum thrust and acceleration. Different colours of the Ocean Hunter Spirit fins represent different blade stiffness to cater for a wide range of diver sizes and power requirements.

  • Great value spearfishing and freediving fins
  • Freediving long blade, perfect for learning
  • Super comfortable rubber foot pocket
  • Durable Thermoplastic Blade
  • Blue Blade offers a Super soft flex, Black and Green offers a Standard flex

Note on sizing: Most Spearfishing fins are sized with wetsuit socks in mind (3mm) 

The Redback range of products represents OH focus to produce an essential range of everything you need and nothing you don’t.

The Redback railgun comes in core sizes:

800mm – 1200mm (500mm & 700mm with cluster)

It represents excellent value for money. Using our tried and proven Ocean Hunter handle and mechanism, now molded in glass reinforced nylon for increased durability; the mechanism also features:

High-quality stainless steel trigger and line release.
A comfortable loading butt is included to help make the loading process easier.
Reliable aircraft-grade aluminium barrel with integrated shaft rail ensures straight and accurate shots. The rail perfectly matches our 7mm spring steel shaft that is included and supports the shaft for the length of the railgun.

A traditional bulk rubber closed muzzle allows the use of a wide range of spear diameters, and the addition of:

A second 16mm band
Our team diver preferred 2x14mm Ocean Hunter bands with dyneema bridles.
The Redback includes:

A single wrap of 400lb monofilament with quality crimps.
An Ocean Hunter gun bungee with swivel clip.
A ready to connect shark clip with swivel on the handle for connecting your float line.
A fast loading 16mm dyneema powerband which supplies ample power and speed to the 7mm coated spring steel shaft.
The new smaller Redback configuration is made for shallower, murkier fishing, where range is less important. Cluster head comes standard in these new lengths, perfect for bottom-dwelling fish like flathead or flounder. Cluster heads increase the target area, and with its smaller barbs, attach to the fish (ideally) in multiple places, preventing “tear-out” with smaller, thinner fish species.

  • Popular size ranges 80-120cm
  • Glass filled nylon handle
  • Stainless trigger components
  • Loading butt
  • Alloy rail barrel
  • Closed double rubber muzzle
  • Ready to hunt with shark clip, shooting line and bungee!
  • 7mm coated spring steel spear or Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • Tri-cut spear tip or M6 6mm Thread with 5 Barb Cluster
  • HD mono shooting line

 15M Speed Needle

Features a puncture free buoyant cored float line material that reduces the
incidents of catching on reef, also includes a speed needle to easily thread your catch to the line and a speed stringer which attaches to the float and secure your fish on a coated wire trace with flopper which is a common sense way to ensure your float line can’t be bitten through and avoids potentially losing your float.

  • Puncture free
  • Includes Speed Needle and Speed Stringer
  • Includes Ocean Hunter velcro strap for tidy storage
  • 15M

Ocean Hunter Foam Torpedo Float

The perfect rock-hopping and shore diving companion, complete with mirror and whistle.

  • Super buoyant and highly visible
  • Includes integrated keel weight and a shark clip for float line attachment
  • Alpha Flag to identify a diver in the water and keep boats at a safe distance
  • Comes standard with a mirror, whistle and flag for safety

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