OH 3 Atmosphere Float Yellow
OH 3 Atmosphere Float Yellow Ocean Hunter
OH 3 Atmosphere Float Yellow
Ocean Hunter 3 Atmosphere Float Yellow
Brand: OH

OH 3 Atmosphere Float Yellow

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Ocean Hunter was born to offer new divers a range of reliable equipment at an affordable price. No-nonsense equipment that we know works. Over the years, like us, the brand has grown and matured along with its loyal followers. Many were looking to take on the next challenge and begin hunting their dream fish in clean blue water for powerful gamefish.

The 3 Atmosphere float was the brainchild of two of our founders wanting to have a float that could handle the abuse that game fish dealt out, while keeping it travel-friendly for trips to the Coral Sea and other Bluewater destinations.

So how do you make a mark in a market full of brands with decades of experience? You make your product stronger……that’s how!
The 3 key points for a successful BIG GAME float are:

Durability, this goes without saying. If you’re halfway around the world lining up on the fish of a lifetime, you can’t afford for your float system to let you down. You need to have complete faith in your setup in the moments leading up to that one shot.
Lift capacity is what slows the fish down and is what fights the fish for you. You need enough lift to slow the fish down but not so much that the shaft will tear out on the first run. It’s a balancing act where lift capacity and float shape are important.
Fill pressure is key to landing large fish. Lift capacity is measured at the surface and with depth, the lift capacity, if filled to only ambient pressure, would reduce significantly letting the fish run unhindered along with your entire setup into the depths. By creating a float that can be filled to extremely high pressure it means the float will maintain its buoyancy for longer, slowing the fish down and bringing it back to the surface more quickly.
When embarking on a technical development such as a 3 Atmosphere Float, it was critical for us to form a partnership with one of the industry leaders in the manufacture of inflation products. After scouring the globe for the right company, we were able to find a manufacturer, with many years of experience. They were the perfect technical support required to achieve our goals during the development of the 3 Atmosphere float.

Only the highest quality construction methods allow for the inflation of a Dive Float to a working pressure of 44psi. A dual layered design, housing an internal bladder with high-grade grid webbing reinforcement across critical pressure points allowed us to achieve the desired level of performance. Each and every float sold into the market has undergone extensive cycle inflation testing and is subject to the strictest quality control inspections.