Ray Mask & Ergo Splash Snorkel Set
Ray Mask & Ergo Splash Snorkel Set

Ray Mask & Ergo Splash Snorkel Set

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The Mares Ray Mask & Ergo Splash Snorkel Set is a great entry level Mask and Snorkel for both Diving and Snorkelling. 

Base Package Includes:

Ray Mask

The Ray mask is a durable mask, allowing for great vertical and horizontal vision. Durable  mask with easy to adjust buckles integrated on the frame. The strap is x-shaped and in bi-silicone, for a super comfortable result. The Ray mask has a great visual capability.

The Ray snorkel mask has two lenses, providing great vertical and horizontal vision. A product combining design and technology, for great water performance.
The Mares Ray model is a hard-wearing and resistant mask: a large mask with an ergonomic and comfortable design. Thanks to the handy buckles integrated on the frame, it is so easy to adjust; plus, the strap is made of comfortable X-shaped bi-silicone, for a super comfortable result.
The glass is designed to provide the Ray snorkel mask with great visual capabilities.
the key features making the Ray mask comfortable and durable are:

- Ergonomic two-lens silicone mask.
- Two slightly angled lenses for great vision
- Integrated buckles on the frame
- Ideal for prolonged wearing
- Durable technology
- Ultra lightweight design.
- X-shaped bi-silicone strap

Ergo Splash Snorkel

The Ergo Splash Diving Snorkel features a semi-sliding top system with an anti-splash feature. Ideal for long snorkelling sessions thanks to an ergonomically oriented silicone mouthpiece. Drain valve and sliding snorkel holder for maximum versatility

The Ergo Splash diving snorkel features a semi-dry top with anti splash that allows you to limit the entry of water from above during the dive. The mouthpiece is ergonomically designed silicone and allows you to breathe easily. Perfect for a very long diving or snorkelling session. The discharge valve allows the snorkel to be easily emptied.
The main features of the Ergo Dry snorkel are:

- Semi-dry top with anti-splash system
- Sliding and rotating snorkel holder
- Corrugated tube and silicone mouthpiece
- Exhaust valve
- Suitable for prolonged snorkelling sessions.


TOP: Semi Dry Top



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