Rob Allen Nomad reel Gun
rob allen reel gun
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Rob Allen Nomad Reel Gun

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The Rob Allen Nomad railgun would have to be the best, most versatile railgun on the market. The Nomad railgun is unique for Australia. The design takes one of the most common gun layouts that is modified aftermarket and making it a factory spec product.

With a limited Lifetime warranty on core components you know you’ve got support when it matters. Rob Allen has huge confidence in his line of products, and he wants to ensure you do too.

The Nomad carries on the Rob Allen legend with some changes to keep it at the top of the game. Effectively take the ever-popular Sparid and hot it up with your favourite Rob Allen accessories and you have a reel gun for all occasions and adventures. Perfect for Spearo’s travelling around Australia or the world exploring new areas and hunting unique species.

Features of Rob Allen Nomad Reel Gun

  • The latest generation Rob Aleen Vecta handle load tested to 400kg+

  • Heavy Duty anodized aluminium Barrel with integrated rail

  • The Versatile Rob Allen semi closed muzzle

  • Single 18mm power band ensuring plenty of power and quick reloading.

  • Rob Allen 7mm double notch 7mm shaft

  • Rob Allen Low profile reel with 45m of dyneema line.

  • Available in 90-130cm barrel lengths.