Salvimar Goemon Knife
Salvimar Goemon Knife
Salvimar Goemon Knife

Salvimar Goemon Knife

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The new Salvimar Goemon Knife is the latter now a class physician of the Ligurian company. It is called Goemon, it is made in Italy and has several strengths that make it perfect for spearfishing and finishing captured prey and for cutting quickly.

Hard lines or shreds of netting. Let’s start with the blade, which is made of special anti-corrosion steel and has a reinforced tip. Shows the oversized slot “rods bother”, useful for freeing the arrows that might get stuck in some cracks, and the hole to straighten the Tahitians. In short, a resistant and multifunctional blade!

The Goemon Knife is in 30% glass-filled reinforced nylon, which guarantees, like the blade, considerable resistance to shocks and abrasions. The handle is well-studied, comfortable and “safe” even if you are wearing heavy neoprene gloves.

Even the generously sized hilt helps to prevent the hand from slipping on the blade under stress, injuring itself.
The sheath has a “V” shape to facilitate the insertion of the blade naturally, without the need to look.

Goemon Knife Features:

  • Reinforced tip blade
  • Special anti-corrosion steel blade
  • Enlarged slot for holding shafts
  • Material Nylon, 30% Glass-filled
  • Excellent shock and scratch resistance
  • Hole to straighten shafts
  • V-shaped scabbard for easy blade insertion
  • V shaped sheath for easy blade insertion
  • User breakdown for thorough cleaning
  • Total Length – 19.5cm
  • Blade Length – 9.5cm
  • Cutting Edge Length – 7.5cm