Seac Mask Snorkel Fins

Seac Mask, Snorkel & Fin Startup Package

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This Package Includes:

Seac Appeal Mask
Seac Appeal is a Made in Italy single lens diving mask with 3D buckle directly to the skirt. The edge of the skirt is slightly curved to increase the grip area, reducing discomfort and marks on the face for optimal comfort even in prolonged use. The double-button 3D rocker buckle facilitates the adjustment of the silicone mask strap. The angled 4 mm tempered glass lens guarantees excellent visibility and great resistance. Seac Appeal is available both with a standard skirt for adults and with a "narrow fit" skirt for children and adults with thin faces. Do you want to use Seac Appeal with your action camera and resume your underwater exploits? Discover Seac Appeal Pro.

Neptune S2 Snorkel

Twin valve snorkel designed for divers or snorkellers.


  •  Splash guard at top of snorkel prevents water ingress

  • Purge valve at base is very effective in removing water at base with minimal exhalation power required

  • Silicone drop away that keeps snorkel away from mouth when not required and easily recovered when needed

  • Available in Blue/Clear, Red/Clear, Black/Black

Seac U-1000 Fin
Seac U-1000 are scuba fins designed for divers who demand excellent performance and great thrust. The Seac U-1000 fins are ultra resistant and suitable for professional use. The research of a special thermoplastic polymer creates a sturdy structure, durable over time and resists shocks, abrasions and sudden changes in temperature. The rubber surface inside the blade undergoes precision bending to displace a greater volume of water (spoon effect) and therefore obtain greater thrust. The foot pocket of the Seac U-1000 fin has a non-slip sole and is quick to slip on thanks to the elastic Sling Strap. The Seac U-1000 are negatively buoyant diving fins which cancels the positive buoyancy of neoprene dive boots. The search for maximum performance is then combined with a sophisticated design, adding captivating lines and graphics. 

Oceanpro Boot

A 5mm neoprene dive boot with handy features and Non-slip tread.

  • Glued and blind stitched construction for reduced water flow

  • Number 10 YKK corrosion proof zippers

  • Over moulded toe cap for protection of high wear area

  • Moulded fin strap cleat secures fin during use

  • Available in sizes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

  • Weight 1kg

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