Seac Mask Symbol
Seac Mask Symbol
Seac Mask Symbol
Seac Mask Symbol

Seac Mask Symbol

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Seac Symbol is a Made in Italy diving mask with two lenses with 3D buckle attached directly to the skirt. The edge of the skirt is slightly curved to increase the grip area, reducing discomfort and marks on the face for optimal comfort even in prolonged use. The double-button 3D rocker buckle facilitates the adjustment of the silicone mask strap. The angled 3 mm tempered glass lenses ensure excellent visibility and great resistance.

Features of Seac Mask Symbol

3D Buckle

Perfect adjustment thanks to the new 3D rocker buckle, resistant and easy to use, even when wearing thick gloves.
Replaceable lenses
3mm thick tempered glass lenses, impact resistant, replaceable with optical lenses for myopia or presbyopia
Curved edge
The curved skirt edge guarantees optimal comfort and seal without leaving marks on the face.
Made in Italy
Seac Symbol is produced by Seacsub in Italy.