Seac Hunter Package

Seac Spearfishing Hunter Package

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This Package Includes:

Seac Raptor Mask
The Seac Raptor Low Profile mask is a popular choice for freediver's and spearfishing enthusiasts as it gives maximum comfort and vision without sacrificing volume. Having a mask with such a low volume makes it easy to equalise and clear any water when breath hold diving.   

Neptune S4 Snorkel
Contoured snorkel for snorkelling, diving, freediving or spearfishing.

  • Contoured shape to ensure streamline positioning 

  • Streamlined contoured 'J' design

  • Soft silicone mouthpiece for your comfort

  • Mask retaining clip

Seac BM30 Fins
Seac BM30 Composite full foot fin is a high performance, super reactive long bladed freediving and spearfishing fin.  

The technopolymer used is so elastic and has such a high shape memory that - in an absurd demonstration - if we were to look at the blade after rolling it up on itself, once released it would still have its initial geometry, without any permanent structural deformation that could compromise its performance.

Seac Devil Knife
Knife Made in Italy with special tempered stainless steel blade in a stiletto form designedspecifically for spear fishing. Excellent penetration and cutting capacity on both the thestraight and serrated edges. Sheath with Push & Pull Out system for easy single-handedaction even while wearing gloves.

Torpedo Bouy W/line
Seac Torpedo Buoy, Scuba diving High Visibility Safety Signal with removable marker flag, line and 2 carabiners included

Rob Allen Tuna Pro Gun
All the features of the best-selling RA Tuna Railgun are now with a Blue Camo Barrel Wrap. The Tuna’s RA Vecta aluminium rail barrel is manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminium with a wall thickness of 1.45mm.

Ocean Hunter Spring Loaded Catch Bag

A lighter weight more compact and streamlined bag than our Heavy duty catch bag.

Not all of us are regularly chasing XL lobster or our bag limit of abalone or scallops, however we like a robust catch bag without it getting in the way.

The original OH spring-loaded catch bag takes some of the features of our heavy-duty bag and scales them down a little.

Seac Marseille Weight Belt
Rubber belt with Marseille buckles.


  • Made in Italy

  • Strong and durable

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