SS1 Red Stainless Octopus Fits most BCD&

SS1 Red Stainless Octopus Fits most BCD's

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SS1 Octopus – Red

  • Titanium lever is the link to your air supply and will never fail due to rust or corrosion.
  • The SS1 is compatible for EAN mixtures up to 50% Oxygen.
  • Integrated flexible purge cover allows purge of the regulator when depressed anywhere on the cover surface.
  • High-flow LP hose & disconnect is interchangeable with many other models yet smaller size and lighter in weight.
  • Adaptable to a wide variety of BC hoses and sizes. The SS1 can be fitted to virtually any make or model BC. (US Patent No. 6,761,163)
  • BC Quick-Disconnect system gives you the option to remove the SS1 from the jacket for transport with your regulator system or use on another BC.
  • Large oversized and ergonomically-shaped buttons are easy to find for pneumatic or oral inflation/deflation. They are easy to distinguish and faced with soft tactile rubber surfaces.
  • Low-profile elliptical design allows the body of the SS1 to lie flat against the BC keeping it out of the way and reducing drag.

The highest quality and most reliable inflator/regulator available. Key com- ponents machined of type 316 stainless steel or titanium insure corrosion resistance, reliability, and long service life. Adaptable to most brands of BCDs through patented adapter system. Convenient quick disconnect allows for easy removal from the BCD and has breathing performance like a primary second stage.

The SS1 integrated safe second stage and inflator are brilliantly designed product which will free up your equipment and reduce clutter, whilst offering a fantastic breathing safe second stage in the event of a share air situation.

The system uses Atomics unique “seat saving orifice” design that allows for the seat to pull away from the sealing knife edge when not in use, significantly reducing the wear on this important component and therefore increasing longevity of the regulators performance. The SS1 also comes with a practical mounting system that can work with every standard inflation BCD on the market.

Simply using the correct coupling for your favourite BCD, the SS1 will quickly and easily screw onto the end of your corrugated hose requiring no special tools. Clip the included inflator hose on and you are ready to dive!

In one step you can remove your existing octopus and hose and upgrade your factory inflator to a high quality easy to use Atomic unit that matches your Atomic regulators.