Z3 Regulator Yoke Black & Z2 Occy Set
Z3 Regulator Yoke Black & Z2 Occy Set
Z3 Regulator Yoke Black & Z2 Occy Set
Z3 Regulator Yoke Black & Z2 Occy Set

Z3 Regulator Yoke Black & Z2 Occy Set

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Z3 Regulator Yoke Black with Z2 Occy

The Atomic Z Serries Regulator set is durable, comfortable and affordable making it a great all rounder performer all all diving applications.  

The Atomic Z Series offers a unique combination of performance, ergonomics, features and materials. All in our most cost efficient regulator system without compromising performance or durability.

The Titanium/Zirconium second stage is your choice of all black styling with the Z3 (with optional color kit available), or standard gray with the Z2.



Divers on a budget can experience virtually the same easy, natural breathing and corrosion-resistance as the entire Atomic regulator line. The performance is delivered from patented Atomic exclusives including the Jet Seat piston and AFC. The economy is achieved from exclusive use of Zirconium-plated Brass materials.


When you turn your head to look at something interesting, you’ll look great doing it with the uniquely all-black Atomic Comfort Swivel. This exclusive Atomic design allows 30° rotational movement without hose pulling, binding or kinking. The Z3 version is precision-machined Brass with black PVD coating. (US Patent No. 7,188,869)

The Venturi effect inside a second stage makes it breathe easy, and the Atomic AFC eliminates the manual adjustment normally needed to regulate Venturi effect as you dive deeper. No dials to turn or buttons to push. A Rapid Adjustment Knob is included for special situations like surf entry or octo use. (US Patent No. 5,678,541)


The Z3 packs a lot of performance into a 2.6 pound package (yoke version).


  • Chrome-plated Brass and 316 Stainless Steel
  • Atomic exclusive balanced Jet Seat high-flow piston.
  • Optional factory-sealed to prevent outside contamination from silt and sand.
  • Nitrox ready – approved for non-dedicated EAN use with mixtures up to 40%.
  • Ports: 2 HP fixed / 7 LP on fixed cap.


  • Precision-machined Brass with Zirconium plating and Titanium components.
  • Pneumatically-balanced poppet, high-flow case and lever design for easy breathing at all depths and tank pressures.
  • Patented Atomic AFC – Automatic Flow Control.
  • Soft overmolded Rapid Adjustment Knob for manual detuning in special situations such as surf entries or octo use.
  • Patented Atomic Titanium Seat Saving Dynamic Orifice maintains crisp like-new factory tuning and prevents damage during storage.
  • Z3 hose features patented Brass Atomic Comfort Swivel with Black PVD coating.
  • Dual material second stage cover enables entire front to be used for purge.
  • Elliptical exhaust valve dramatically reduces exhalation effort at depth.
  • Dual silicone comfort fit mouthpiece with tear-resistant bite tabs – both comfortable and durable.
  • Z3 optional color kit available.
Z2 Occy Yellow 36 Inch


Even the high-end octos of most dive manufacturers cannot match the performance of our most affordable Atomic Z2 OCTO. That’s because we don’t cut corners. Like the entire Atomic OCTO line, the Z2 is a clone of the Z2 primary Second Stage. Pair it confidently with any Atomic primary and know it will perform reliably and effortlessly.

Atomic Aquatics place the same priority on performance and emphasis on engineering for every product. We design our Safe Seconds to perform at the highest level for every budget level. Atomic engineers developed a unique Zirconium over Chrome over Brass plating process to deliver corrosion-resistance 3-4 times that of conventional chrome plating. The Z Series second stage lever, orifice and spring are Titanium, delivering natural easy breathing – the signature of all Atomic Regulators.

  • A perfect complement to any of our regulator systems, the Z2 OCTO is an affordable Safe Second for any dive rig. Zirconium-plated Brass and Titanium metal components, make this OCTO a real workhorse.

  • Patented Atomic AFC – Automatic Flow Control with Rapid Adjustment Knob for manual detuning in special situations.

  • Patented Atomic Titanium Seat Saving Dynamic Orifice prevents wear of the low-pressure seat that extends the service interval and improves reliability.
  • Compact with a low profile exhaust deflector that fits easily into pockets.
  • Bright Neon Yellow flexible front cover for high visibility.

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