What's in A Scuba Tank?

What's in A Scuba Tank?


Ever wondered what lies beneath the beautiful waves, amidst the fascinating marine life? The gateway to this mesmerizing world is scuba diving. A key player that makes this underwater exploration possible is the scuba tank. Let's learn more about what's inside a heavy scuba tank, its parts, and how it functions.

Understanding the Scuba Tank and Its Parts

Often called a diving cylinder or diving tank, a scuba tank is a robust vessel, storing the precious air we need while exploring underwater realms. These tanks are made from steel or aluminium, and are available in various sizes and pressure ratings, with the aluminium 80 cubic-foot tank being a popular choice.

An essential part of the scuba tank is the tank valve. This device manages the flow of air, allowing you to control the air pressure and shut off the air supply when needed.

The Functioning of a Scuba Tank: A Peek Inside

So, how does the scuba tank work? When filled with high-pressure air, the air is compressed allowing the scuba tank to store a large quantity of air for the diver's underwater adventures.

When diving, the diver uses this air to breathe. The regulator, connected to the tank valve, reduces the high-pressure air to a safer, breathable level and manages the airflow for the diver.

Hydrostatic Testing and The Importance of Tank Maintenance

Regular maintenance is vital for a scuba tank to remain safe and functional. Tanks must be visually inspected and undergo hydrostatic testing every 12 months. This way the strength and integrity of the dive tank can be checked and maintained. Also, storing the tank in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight ensures longevity.

In Conclusion: The Critical Role of the Scuba Tank

To sum up, a scuba tank is a crucial piece of equipment for any scuba diver, and securely holds the compressed air that we need underwater. Regular checks and proper care ensure the tank stays in perfect condition, ready for your next underwater adventure. At Dive Newcastle, we have a range of scuba tanks suited for all types of diving. For more details on our scuba tanks and other equipment, feel free to get in touch.