Snorkelling Fins

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      Snorkelling fins are an essential part of snorkelling equipment allowing you to move easily and efficiently threw the water.  When surface snorkelling generally a full foot fin is used meaning the fin itself encloses your feet.

      Some swim fins also used for for snorkelling may be positively buoyant this can be an advantage for inexperienced snorkellers however it has a disadvantage if you would like to duck dive below the surface as it will make this more difficult.

      Generally, good quality snorkelling fins will be only slightly negative and will have an excellent blade recoil to provide better finning performance. They tend to have a slightly longer blade to provide more efficiency when snorkelling. Although full-foot fins are common for snorkelling the open-heel fin that allows you to also wear boots or reef walkers inside is also a great option if snorkelling in areas where you may need foot protection.

      Examples may be when you enter the water from a rocky beach or shelly coral grit bottom. Socks can also be worn to help keep your feet warm in more relaxed environments while also protecting your feet from coral grit and rubbing. Dive Newcastle has a great range of snorkelling fins to choose from at affordable prices. 

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