Aladin Sport MX Wrist

Aladin Sport MX Wrist

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The Aladin Sport Matrix (MX) is an easy-to-read dive computer, which can be used for multi-gas dives or as a recreational computer.

The screen features an LCD segmented display which makes it easy for you to read while underwater, as well as having an integrated compass to make sure you can find your way. Offering three operating modes of scuba, free-diving or gauge, and available in your choice of wrist mounted or a twin gauge console this offers you the flexibility to get your perfect computer set-up.

Technical Information

  • Your choice of a wrist mounted computer, or as a capsule in a twingauge console

  • Offering Multi-gas options that can accommodate up to three gases

  • You have the ability to adjust the consoles level of conservatism to match your experience, age and physical conditioning

  • The computer screen features an updated LCD segmented display on the top and middle rows, plus an eye-pleasing matrix display on the bottom row.

  • Digital compass, displayed on the matrix bottom row, allows for on-the-spot navigation, at depth and on the surface.

  • Active back light, full watch functions, a bookmark function, a dive planner and a logbook are just a sampling of the available features.

  • CR2450 user-replaceable battery is rated for two/three years or 200/300 dives, whichever comes first (battery compartment is independent from electronics).

  • Dive data can be easily transferred, stored and analyzed on a PC/Mac, plus the system is also Android and iOS app compatible, all using the new Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy interface.

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