Bcd Rock

Bcd Rock

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The Rock dive bcd is super strong and guarantees an excellent fit.
The Rock's bag is made of strong 420 denier Cordura nylon, with Tyrpol reinforcements on the shoulder straps and pockets, to ensure great wear resistance.

The connection of the bag to the harness allows the bag to expand outwards, thus avoiding those annoying phenomena of chest compression that can occur during a dive.
The Rock's backrest is monoplate, very robust and padded, with Tyrpol protection for improved comfort.
The Rock is equipped with no less than 6 stainless steel D-Rings, which are strategically folded and positioned for easy and safe use.

The quick-release buckles are made of high-strength technopolymer. The ventral buckle is 50mm, the shoulder strap buckles are 40mm. The Rock is additionally equipped with a 20mm sternal buckle that incorporates a unique whistle for added safety.
Inside the right pocket is an elastic attachment ring. The pockets also have special openings for the octopus and the pressure gauge or console.

The jacket is fitted with two quick release and overpressure valves, one on the right shoulder and one on the lower right, as well as the corrugated discharge valve. All the valves are 'low profile' for minimum bulk and resistance.
The Rock is equipped with two belts for connection to the tank. In fact, in addition to the classic central strap, there is a second strap, placed higher up, for more stable and secure positioning.
The main features of the Rock Jacket are:

- Resistant to the most extreme conditions
- Excellent fit thanks to the more enveloping shoulder straps
- Anatomical pockets shape to ensure minimal water resistance during movement
- Pockets with internal elastic strap for accessory clips
- Padded backpack
- Strategically placed steel D-rings.