Pioneer 5mm Man Monosuit

Pioneer 5mm Man Monosuit

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The Pioneer 5mm men's wetsuit is a temperate water wetsuit made of Neoprene and Ultrastretch Neoprene that provides convenience, ease of donning and comfort.

The design is modern with red coloured neoprene panels for the men's Pioneer 5mm.
The Pioneer retains its characteristic back zipper closure.

The Pioneer wetsuit has a neck closure positioned at the rear. It also features an anti-chafing zip and a large built-in area on both wrists to provide a grip with the computer worn on the wrist.

An additional feature is the cap hook on the leg.
Pioneer's hood also uses construction that optimises air compression and release in the ear and top areas.

The main features of the Pioneer 5mm men's wetsuit are:

- Customisable anti-friction closure
- Hood exhaust system facilitates air release, optimising compression and comfort
- Neck closure with anti-abrasion strap to prevent damage to the wetsuit
- Wrists with non-slip panels for better grip of the equipment
- D-ring hood on the right leg
- Knee pads made of anti-abrasive material".