Dive The Best of the Philippines Moal Boal and Malapascua

Dive The Best of the Philippines Moal Boal and Malapascua




 For entry and travel requirements for the Philippines as at 10 August 2023 (and subject to change), please visit:

As of 22 July 2023, the Philippine Government has removed all COVID-19 travel requirements. You will still need to check for any requirements for travel of your airline and onward destinations.

It is strongly recommended that you still travel with a copy of your official International Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate.

Foreign nationals from visa-free countries who are traveling to the Philippines for business and tourism purposes are allowed to enter the Philippines without visas for a stay not exceeding thirty (30) days, provided they hold valid tickets for their return journey to port of origin or next port of destination and their passports valid for a period of at least six (6) months beyond the contemplated period of stay.


Complete the eARRIVAL CARD at https://etravel.gov.ph/ within 72 hours prior to arrival from port of embarkation to get a QR Code. 

Take a screenshot of your personal QR Code before closing or exiting the eARRIVAL CARD website or application AND/OR print your QR code. You will be required to show this QR code to an airline representative before being allowed to board your flight. Upon arrival in the Philippines, you must present this QR code or barcode to the BOQ Quarantine officers for verification. 

The following are the documents to be submitted:

  1. a) Proof of vaccination (except for children below 15 years old, who will follow the protocol for the accompanying parent or guardian)
  2. b) Confirmed bookings from hotels or accommodation establishments that are accredited by the Philippines’ Department of Tourism (DOT)
  3. c) Return flight tickets to your port of origin or next destination, which should be not later than 30 days from date of arrival in the Philippines


All departing passengers are required to register their departure via the online Electronic Travel Declaration at  https://etravel.gov.ph/ within 72 hours (and up to 3 hours) prior to departure from the Philippines to get a QR Code to present to the airline at check-in prior to boarding. Make sure to save the code and make a print screen as a back up.


* Scuba equipment has been included on the Prohibited Items List of Blunt Instruments by the Philippines Office for Transportation Security and should only be packed in your checked baggage for flights originating in the Philippines. We advise that all guests carry all dive related equipment in their checked luggage rather than their carry-on.

* A Passenger Terminal Fee may be collected at some airports in the Philippines if not included in your ticket (the fee ranges from PHP 150 - 850) payable in PHP cash