Seac Modular BCD features one size fits all design.

Seac Modular BCD features one size fits all design.


Italian manufacturer SEAC has created the "Modular," a rear-bladder BCD built to be modular in nature to accommodate a variety of divers of all shapes and sizes, along with the ability of adapting to a multitude of diving configurations, styles and holiday destinations.

We have given the Seac Modular BCD our Best Buy Rear Inflation BCD award as it is durable, modular, comfortable, light and highly adaptable with all this provided for a great price.  

The Modular BCD has a steel core backplate that can be removed, as well as a soft harness and backpack with detachable shoulder straps. Standard equipment includes a 13.5-liter doughnut double-bladder, D-rings, two trim pockets with quick release and an anodized aluminium belly buckle. The Modular's components may all be switched out, and specific parts and accessories can be added according on the diver's requirements.

The SEAC Modular can support a variety of various wings and backpacks thanks to standard-gauge eyelets and other attachments. The BCD disassembles easily, occupies minimal room, and weighs just 3kg complete.

The BCD is supplied standard with the below features:

  • Cordura 1000 denier fabric and 3D mesh.
  • Shoulder straps with Frame-to-Back fastening system.
  • D-ring and belly buckle in anodized aluminum.
  • Two trim pockets for weights up to 2 kg with a Velcro flap for quick release.
  • Removable crotch strap.
  • Donut bladder in Cordura 1000 denier fabric.
  • Air chamber in 400-micron polyurethane.
  • Piston inflator

Additional Seac accessories that are also available for the Modular BCD are:

  • Multipurpose pocket for accessories and weights in 1680 denier ballistic Nylon with zipper, universal eyelets for fastening your BCD knife, and Velcro flap for quick-release of weights (up to 4 kg)
  • Trim pockets for weights up to 2 kg with Velcro flap for quick release
  • Q&S (Quick & Safe) quick-release pocket for integrated weights up to 6 kg, and universal eyelets for fastening a BCD knife
  • Aluminum backpack